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Empty Plate  Welcome to “Foods That Fill,” an online collection of different recipes for both food and drink.  Our goal is to give the home cook a place to go where the dishes are extraordinary without being pretentious.  This resource will provide you with many delicious culinary concoctions and tell you how you can easily create them in your own home. 

  Flavor is our priority, so we will never use anything that is low fat, low carb or low calorie if it affects the taste.  Too often a dish is tweaked in an effort to make it healthy until it doesn’t resemble itself anymore.  We strive to bring you authentic meals that are unapologetically delicious and not watered-down.  If a dish is a popular or classic one, we will try to remain as faithful as possible to what the original creator intended.

  We also supply information that you won’t usually find in a cookbook.   This includes tips, tricks and techniques that can help you out around the kitchen.  We give you interesting facts about your favorite foods as well. 

  So feel free to browse our archives for flavors from around the world.  You’ll find simple recipes with complex tastes.  Sometimes the dishes are indulgent, but they are always worth it.



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